Zipper Wristband for Runners

Wristband: Sweatband with zipper pocket
Price: $8.95
Best place to buy: Amazon
Manufacturer: Wolf’s Workouts
Users: Runners, cross trainers, general exercisers, style, and people looking to hide money.
Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Wristband with zipper pocketI always give impartial, unbiased reviews.

This product is made by Wolf’s Workouts, but it will be no different.

This will be a very honest review, same as everything else, so rest assured you will be given all the necessary information to make a decision with.

Why a Wristband with Zipper Pockets?

People have been using sweatband wristbands for decades. They’re great for keeping sweat from getting to your hands. They’re great for wiping sweat off your head when you don’t have a headband.

I decided to make my own because I needed to solve one very important problem. When I workout, I need a place to put my money and car keys when I’m away from home.

I’ve never felt comfortable leaving money in a locker because they get broken into.

Money and keys sometimes falls out of my pocket while I’m working out. I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve had to run back to where I was working out to try to find my keys because they weren’t in my pocket when I got to the car.

I tried using a fitness armband, but there’s always the possibility of robbery when you’re outdoors and any halfway intelligent thief knows people keep valuables like their ID and money in the armband with their cell phone.

Having a wristband that has a built-in zipper pocket solves all those problems. I can safely store keys, fobs, dollar bills, and change in a place that thieves would never think to look if they were robbing me.

Besides storage, what else is it good for?

It does everything a regular sweatband wristband does, which is keep sweat off your hands and it doubles as a hands-free towel to wipe sweat off your face.

They’re made of thick terry cloth to make them durable and absorbent.

Its main purpose is for runners and gym rats, but it’s also a good accessory to wear to amusement parks. People lose a ton of money from their pockets all the time from riding roller coasters. These wristbands keep your money where it belongs – with you.

Cons the Zipper Wristband for Runners

Some may think this is stating the obvious, but you can’t store a cell phone in it the way you can with an armband. The zipper entrance also is not wide enough to fit an ID card or driver’s license.

For those reasons, I recommend buying them both together. Get the armband for your ID and phone. Get the wristband as a safe and inconspicuous place for your money and wipe away sweat.

Buy, or Pass It By?

One thing I didn’t mention in the review is that these wristbands are limited edition. There are only 250 of this model in existence and that’s all there ever will be.

It can be a collector’s item in addition to everything else, so yes, the zipper wristbands are worth a purchase.

I hope this review has helped you decide if this wristband with built-in zipper pockets will fulfill your needs.

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  1. This little zipper wristband looks so perfect for convenience and portability! I also don’t feel comfortable leaving my keys and wallet in lockers, because there is always a chance that somebody could break into them. This wristband is the perfect solution as I can keep my personal items safely on me. I have to buy one soon before they sell out!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Derek. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi, Wolf and thanks for this insightful review.

    I always use a fanny pack workout belt, although I sometimes think it is very heavy; I put everything inside: my wallet, minimalist makeup kit (lol), and keys. You can imagine how heavy that can be. After reading your review, I feel like this wristband might just be good to avoid carrying so many things around.

    If I may ask, what is the fabric made of? Is there any risk of liquid (sweat, for example) seeping through and making its content wet?

    1. Hi, Princila. You bring up some very good questions. The exterior is made of thick and durable terry fiber. The interior is not 100% water proof. I’ve never had any problems with liquid seeping through to make the contents wet. Normal perspiration will not get through. You’d have to dunk it in water for enough liquid to get through to make it noticeable.

  3. This is a neat little accessory piece for working out. I like the fact that it is just big enough to hold your money. I see that the keys are regular style keys. How would it work for a keyless type key? I guess a remote style key. This is a Great idea. Good review.

    1. When you say “keyless style keys” I think you are talking about fobs, which are mentioned in the review. It will hold those just fine. There is actually a good amount of space inside the wristband because the pocket wraps all the way around on the inside. Thanks.

  4. Interesting product!

    It’s something I’ve never actually used but will definitely look into. There’s nothing worse when you’re out running or doing exercise in general than not having a place to store those little things. Especially coins/notes etc.

    Like you say, it’s also something which can be used on days out to theme parks etc.

    Why is this product limited edition? Is it a special brand?

    1. Hi Stephen. They are the only ones that will have this exact make. There will be more wristbands with zipper pockets but they will have a different design, color, etc. Thanks for reading.

  5. Awesome review – this wrist looks great!

    I hate it with passion when my locker room keys stay in one of my pockets. This wristband with a zipper seems like the ideal solution. Add to that the functionality of being able to wipe off your sweat with it and it’s a trap win-win.

    Also the price is spot on and love your point on it being too small for a smartphone – that’s where the armband comes to save the day.

    1. That’s absolutely right. Thanks for commenting. 

  6. Great idea for a product! They know put in little pockets on the inside of women’s running shorts and leggings but I often find myself not trusting those! Several times during my run, I am feeling that pocket to make sure my key didn’t flip out during my run! It is so distracting!

    I am all for a product that has many purposes like this one!

    1. Great, Abby. You won’t have to worry about anything like that with this. It zips so nothing is coming out.

  7. OMG THAT’S SO COOL! I run for about half an hour every single day, and need to carry my keys in my pocket for the door… Now with this I can actually run with so much more convenience knowing that the keys won’t drop from my shorts pocket… Will definitely check out and hope I can be one of the 250 who can gain access. Thanks again!!

    1. Absolutely, Ivan. As long as this page is up, they’re still available so go ahead and grab a pair. Thanks for visiting. 

  8. Hello there,

    Thanks for the helpful review!
    I am a runner and I also play soccer.
    That is why this could be of a great help for me.
    The zipper wristband seems like a very comfortable tool and the price is a no brainer.
    Do they have such wristbands but waterproof?

    1. Hmm, excellent idea for version 2.0, Asen. 😉

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