Weight Watchers Scale Reviews

Manufacturer: Weight Watchers scales by Conair
Type: Body analysis glass scale
UPC: 074108337290
Memory: 4 users
Model: WW711F
Warranty: 10 years
Endorsements: Good Housekeeping
Best place to buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 Stars

Weight Watcher Scale Reviews for the Body Analysis Glass Scale by Conair

Weight Watchers Scale ReviewsThis is one of the better scales that I’ve bought in a long time. If anything ever happened with this one, I would more than likely buy the same again.

This little device is accurate, easy to use, and does a lot more than just measure weight.

On top of that, I really like the way it looks. Appearance shouldn’t matter too much, but let’s be honest. Everyone likes their bathroom to look nice. This one isn’t just designed for functionality.

It’s made of clear glass outlined in black so it will complement any decor. It’s eye-appeal was what caught my attention in the first place. The benefits of its features were what got me to make the purchase.

Weight Watchers Outdid Themselves with this scale. It tracks a Lot more than just your Weight

Weightwatchers Scale ReviewFirst, it can track multiple users, 4 to be exact. That comes in handy when you want to track your progress but don’t have time to write them down right away.

There are two fitness modes. One for people who exercise moderately and the other for people who are very active or athletes.

It tracks your…

  • Weight (up to 400 lbs in increments of 0.1)
  • BMI
  • body fat composition
  • bone mass percentage
  • and even your body water percentage.

That means you know exactly where the weight loss comes from when you lose weight.

For example, if you lose five pounds but your body fat percentage goes up, you know you’re losing muscle and need to make a change. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever lost more than 1-2 in a single week, more than likely some of what you lost was muscle.

We don’t want that. The only way to know what you’re really losing is to have a machine that measures them all.

No Reviews are Complete without the Negative. The Cons of the Weightwatchers Scale

This scale uses bio electrical impedance to judge body fat percentage. That means a gentle, non-harmful current of electricity goes up one leg and down the other to get back into the scale.

The scale measures your body fat percentage by how much resistance the current encounters. Heavy resistance means a lot of fat because fat resists electricity.

Since your feet are the only things touching the scale, the current never makes it to your upper body. That means a person whose fat gathers mostly in the torso area will get lower reading than a person who gets most or their fat in the lower half.
I have this scale to measure fat composition and I also have a hand held BFM. Most fat accumulates in the top half of my body.

As expected, when I take measurements, the hand held always gets higher body fat readings than the scale because my legs are a lot leaner.

It Even Does Good Housekeeping!

Okay, that’s not to be taken literally. Good Housekeeping is a company that was started in 1909 and gives endorsements on the quality of various merchandises.

Being endorsed by Good Housekeeping is huge because they’re not only giving it their stamp of approval, they give a supplemental warranty on everything they endorse.

That means if Weight Watchers went out of business for whatever reason and you needed to use the warranty on your scale, Good Housekeeping would cover it. I doubt Weight Watchers ever goes out of business, but it’s there if it ever did

And keep in mind that this is a company that started in 1909, meaning they’ve survived countless depressions including the Great Depression. That’s impressive. Any product that gets a Good Housekeeping seal of approval is A1 when it comes to quality.

I started with this one because it’s the one that I actually own, but there will be more Weight Watchers scale reviews coming in the future.

In the meantime, I’d like to hear your opinions on this. Leave Comments and questions below and please feel free to Share if you found value in this article.


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  1. So this is a pretty good scale. And what I especially like is all the different areas that it measures. This is an outstanding piece of equipment. I am interested in knowing, what is it that made you interested in giving informational reviews of this type of equipment? What sparked your passion to satisfy people’s need for good reviews of weight loss equipment like this? I am curious to know because I think you have done an an amazing job and I know that a passion like this comes from somewhere. Thanks again for this article.

    1. Hi Michelle. Most of those questions are answered on the About Me page, but I also felt the need to do reviews because there are so many products out there that aren’t made by fitness professionals and they give false information about fitness to sell those products. It’s sickening.

  2. I’ve always liked weight watchers as a company and it seems they really outdid themselves with this scale!!
    The fact that it can track multiple users (four!!) is pretty impressive, especially not having to write down the weight immediately. Great product review, I’ll be looking into this more closely! The fact that Good Housekeeping is giving its stamp of approval is good enough for me!

    1. Right! I didn’t notice it had Good Housing’s seal when I first bought it. After I noticed it, I knew I’d made the right choice.

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