The Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review

Name: Fat Loss Monitor / Body Fat Composition Monitor
Manufacturer: Omron
Model Number: HBF 306c
Price: $34.99
Best place to buy: Amazon
Overall Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review

Body Fat Analyzer ReviewsWhen getting started with weight loss, one of the first things you should do is find out what your body fat composition is. The Omron Fat Loss Monitor does just that. Hopefully this review will help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

There are many ways to test your body fat composition. This model, the Omron hbf 306c, uses bio electrical impedance, which is just a fancy way of saying it sends a non harmful electrical signal through your body.

It measures body fat by testing how much resistance the electrical wave encounters along the way because fat doesn’t conduct electricity as well as muscle.


Accuracy of The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

Bio Electrical Impedance Body Fat MonitorsOne of the first things everyone wants to know is how accurate the monitor is. This type of monitor can be accurate if you follow a few rules and follow them consistently every time you test, otherwise your results can be all over the place.

You want to be standing with arms extended. Test with the same stance each time and same firmness of grip.

Avoid eating and drinking 4 hours before testing. Urinate prior to testing. Don’t exercise for at least 12 hours and no alcohol for at least 48 hours. Lastly, avoid diuretics before testing unless a doctor instructs you to.

That’s a lot to remember so I personally test myself in the morning when I first wake up because I’ve been asleep, which means I haven’t eaten or drank anything for hours. The only thing I have to do is go to the bathroom and urinate to be ready for testing.

Bio electrical impedance is considered one of the top three methods of testing fat. One of the others is by using calipers, but those are very invasive. They can, however, be more accurate than bio electrical impedance, but only if you are very consistent with where you place the calipers each time you test.

The most accurate way is hydrostatic weighing, but that involves stripping almost naked, you’d need a swimming pool to pull it off because you have to be fully submerged, and it’s very expensive (up to $75 per test).

Bio electrical impedance isn’t totally perfect, but it usually wins between the three because it’s the best combination of price, ease of use, accuracy, and convenience.

Who Can Use The Omron Fat Loss Monitor?

It’s easy to see that safety is a big priority for the folks at Omron. There is a warning on the back that warns you not to use it if you are pregnant or using an implanted medical device like a pace maker.

It can handle a wide variety of people, but it does have its limitations. Height ranges from 3’4″ – 6’6″ tall, which should be enough to accommodate most people if you’re not an NBA superstar.

As far as weight limits, the monitor works for people who weigh between 23 – 440.5 pounds.

Is the Omron Fat Loss Monitor Easy to Use?

Omron Fat Loss MonitorI think most people could figure out how to use this without even reading the instructions. It’s not terribly difficult, but I would still recommend reading the instructions just to make sure you know everything the device is capable of and to avoid errors and inconsistencies.

It has an easy-to-read screen with Height, Weight, Age, Fat, Memory Number, Sex, and BMI shown around the display. Below that, you have your On/Off button, Down, Up, Set, and Start buttons.

To operate, you insert the 2 AA batteries that come with it, press ON/Off to turn it on, use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through options, press Set to confirm a selection, and when you’re done with that, you press Start.

Not difficult at all.

Pros of The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

I love the fact that it’s non-invasive. I’ve used calipers before and one of things I never liked about them is that you have to reveal parts of your body. That’s okay when testing at home as opposed to having a personal trainer test you, but even then, it can be a hassle to strip when it’s testing time.

I love the fact that it has 9 memory settings. You have to enter your height, weight, age, physical activity level, and gender before each testing. It doesn’t take long to do that, but it’s nice to be able to skip all that and just get straight to the testing. With 9 memory settings, you can store the vitals for 8 other people as well. They can be family members, friends, clients, whoever you want.

It’s super fast. Hydrostatic testing takes forever because of the need to remove clothing and getting set up in a swimming pool. Calipers can be time-consuming and a little embarrassing because of the need to show and pinch fat and then calculate body fat percentage based on those results. With this, you enter your information, click start, and in 8-10 seconds, and your results are right there.

Cons of The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

I only have two complaints with this monitor, and they’re the same complaints about every other bio electrical impedance monitor out there. Accuracy can be a problem so results can vary a lot.

You do control the accuracy, however, by being consistent with the details of your testing.

Test at the same time under the same conditions in the same position every time and your results will be a lot more accurate.

The other problem is that it’s hand-held, which means it’s judging your body fat composition mainly on the what’s going on in your upper body.

Final Verdict of The Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review

There may be some body fat analyzers that are faster, some that are more accurate, and some that cost less, but when you’re looking for the best combination of all 3, this is the way to go.

Not only do I think it’s worth buying, my gym thinks it is too. My gym, LA Fitness, offered me a free consultation when I first joined them. When it was time for the body fat analysis, guess what monitor they used for it. This exact model, right down to the model number (HBF 306c).

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  1. At my job they have a health-related program and every year recommend to calculate body fat percentage. I agree that it is very easy to use. I never knew how it worked though, so thankfully I learned that it uses electrical waves like you said. It is nice that it’s simple to use and not invasive. I think it’s a great product. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s great that you’re job does that!

  2. That seems to be a very good fat monitoring device. I’ve always felt that the scale is not a good indicator of your body’s fat loss because our body has other ingredients like muscle and water which weighs more. I also like the fact that this machine is noninvasive. I don’t really like the idea of being naked in a water tank. I might not get hundred accuracy like you said but I just want to measure the big progress not the itty bitty decimals. My question is this, does it work for people of any weight?

    1. Hi Bill. You’re not completely naked in the pool. lol. You just strip down to what you would normally wear in a pool like a trunks and no shirt.

      The monitor works for people who weigh between 23 – 440.5 pounds.

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