One Touch Ultra Mini Reviews

Company: OneTouch
Device: Ultra Mini
Function: Blood sugar monitor / glucose monitor
Best place to buy: Amazon
Rating 4.5 of 5 Stars

What does the OneTouch Ultra Mini come with?

I hate to start on a negative note, but I feel when you buy anything, it should come with everything needed to use it right away. I don’t understand the point of leaving anything out.

In this case, it makes even less sense because you need lancets and test strips to use it. It comes with one, but not the other.

Anyway, here is everything the Ultra Mini comes with:

  • Testing device
  • Lancing device
  • Batteries
  • 10 Lancets
  • Instructions in English and Spanish
  • Carrying case (makes transporting it easy)

Did you notice something was missing from the list? Yes, they left the test strips out.

Call it a pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when manufacturers do that. It would make more sense to include everything and just raise the price a little to cover the additional costs.


Is the One Touch Ultra Mini easy to use?

One Touch Ultra Mini ReviewsI had never used a blood sugar test kit until I tried the One Touch Ultra Mini. It’s one of those things that seems like it’s going to be hard to use until you actually try it.

I’m a person who can usually figure out how to use something without reading the directions or just by looking at the pictures. That was not the case with this Ultra Mini.

Not that it was hard, but if you’ve never used one, you probably will need to at least look the instructions over. Even if you have used one, I’d still recommend reading the instructions because there are some things that won’t be apparent just from looking at the pictures on the instruction manual.

The font used to print the manual was also very small. You might need a magnifying glass or reader glasses to see it.

All in all, I’d still say it was pretty easy to use. Don’t let yourself get intimidated by the over sized instructional and you’ll be fine.

Does the OneTouch Ultra Mini hurt?

I was afraid to use it because a friend had given me a test a year prior to make sure I didn’t have diabetes. She stuck me once. It hurt like hell, but there was no blood so she had to do it again.

I was dreading sticking myself with this thing because of that experience so I didn’t buy a blood sugar monitor right away. I decided I’d go entirely based on symptoms.

Deep down, I knew how stupid that was because you’re already in danger of having a stroke or heart attack by the time you start showing symptoms. I bought it anyway. I figured I would try to work up the nerve to do it myself, and if I couldn’t, I’d just go back to my friend and let her stick me. She seemed to enjoy causing me pain anyway. Lol.

The package came. Surprisingly, I wasn’t afraid. By this time, I was eager to see if I was in danger of diabetes so I didn’t hesitate to get started.

I followed the instructions to stick myself. I knew I’d been pricked because I felt the pinch that comes from being pricked. I’d describe it more as discomfort than pain.

There was no blood. I gave it a little squeeze and a small pool of blood rose to the surface.

Call me crazy, but I felt some pride at this point because I’d lanced myself after being so afraid of it only a few days before.

I say this not to brag, but to stress a point. If a squeamish person like me can use it on himself and say the pain was nothing, then really, the pain was nothing.


Power Supply

It only needs one CR 2032 battery, which is the same battery used in many weigh scales. The battery comes with it and is usually already installed.


Does it measure in MG or MMOL?

The Ultra Mini measures in mg / dl. An easy way to make the conversion from mg/dl to mmol/L is to divide by 18. To convert mmol/L to mg/dl, multiply by 18.

Should You Buy, or Pass It By?

Blood Sugar Test Kit ReviewBuy it. It was easy to use, low cost, and most importantly, for a person like me anyway, it was nearly painless.

Seriously, don’t wait until you start showing signs. Know your status ahead of time.

I know someone who drank two bottles of orange juice, not knowing he’d developed diabetes, and ended up in the hospital for two months. Having a OneTouch Ultra Mini could’ve saved him from all that time in the hospital (and all the medical bills.)

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I’m looking for my wife who is terrified to have to poke herself for testing. The One Touch Mini doesn’t sound too bad and the CR 2032 batteries last a long time. My goal is to keep her out of the hospital and home with us!

    1. This will be a great monitor for her, Marc. I barely felt it. It almost tickled. lol. Just kidding, but really, if I can handle it, anyone can.

  2. Nice to see a review including honest opinions about the product. It helps and gives a lot of credibility to the review.
    I have never used one and don’t think I’m in danger of diabetes, but I certainly think it’s not a bad idea, especially as we get older and need to be more aware of what’s going on in our bodies.
    Thanks for the honest and well written review

    1. I appreciate the feedback, Mr. Tucker. I am not in danger of diabetes either and it feels good to know that 100% because I’ve taken readings and saw with my own eyes that I’m in a safe range. You can feel perfectly normal and be in danger and not know it. You should make the investment.

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