Getting Started with Fitness

I’m going to show you the results I get from start to finish. Since I do have training as a personal trainer, I’m going to start with the basics, set goals, and track my progress as though I was working with a client so you learn how to do the same for yourself.

Since this is the first day, the first thing we do is set goals and establish a starting point for everything we’re going to track. Everything for me is listed on my Fitness Goals page. It’ll be updated at the end of each workout cycle, which is about every 4-5 weeks.

What to Do First When Getting Started with Fitness Training

Getting Started in Fitness. Track ResultsAfter you’re done setting your fitness goals, you want to establish a starting point by writing out everything that you’re going to track.

The next thing you want to do after that is make sure you have all the tools for tracking those goals and stats.

Using myself as an example, my goals are to get my blood pressure to a healthy 120/80 or better and get my body fat percentage to 9% or better. There are some other mini goals that I could list, but there’s no point because achieving those two goals will automatically cover every other goal.

In addition to that, you want to make sure you know your body measurements and weight so you’ll know if you’re going in a positive direction.

What Do I Need to Track My Fitness Progress?

Tape Measure: You will need a tape measure to track how many inches you’re losing, or gaining, depending on what your goals are. I recommend using a retractable tape measure with locking pin since they are easier to handle.

Scale: You will need a scale to measure your weight, and if you get a good one, it can remember your height for an accurate BMI, and past weigh-ins so you never have trouble tracking your weight. Some, like the one I use, even measure your body fat percentage.

Blood Pressure Monitor: monitoring blood pressure is more important than ever. Most foods are made with a ridiculous amount of salt because it not only improves taste, it also helps processed foods last longer. Sodium is a vital electrolyte, but when you consume too much, it can be deadly. Luckily, the cost of blood pressure monitors have dropped over the years so they’re very much affordable.

Body Fat Monitor: Calipers (shown above) can be difficult to use. Buy a bioelectrical impedance device instead. The key to getting accurate measurements with these is to urinate and don’t eat a few hours before taking your measurement. It’s best to do it at the same it each time. I recommend when you first wake up because your stomach is empty and the only thing left to do is empty your bladder. Make sure your hands are in the exact same place each time to get consistent readings.

Blood Sugar Test Kit: Isn’t it great that we live in a world that we can now do these tests ourselves with tests bought online instead of paying hundreds of dollars to have a doctor do it? Diabetes is called the silent killer for a reason. Know your blood sugar level. Unless you’re a diabetic, testing your blood sugar once every 4-5 weeks when you check your stats and change workout plans should be enough, so the supplies that come with the device should last about a year.


Other than that, as far as tracking results, the only thing you will need is either a notebook or mobile tracking software to log your results.

What are you thoughts on this? Leave your comments in the Comment box.

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  1. I’m a fitness fanatic and I just want to say that I am so happy to see that you list checking your sugar here. So many people neglect to do this simple test, but yet are sure to check all the other stuff. Great advice; more people should make this part of their routine self-checks.

    1. Thanks, Dani. Diabetes is a dangerous disease. It can be controlled but it’s something best avoided altogether.

  2. Hey there! I just started going to the gym. I’m a little bit overweight and I want to get rid of fats and gain the muscles I want. I found your article very interesting and informative. Since I’m just a beginner to working out I don’t track my fitness program. Do you think that it is necessary to track my fitness program?

    1. Hi, John. Yes tracking results is very important from the very beginning because if you start out by putting it off until later, you may form a habit of putting things off. Not to mention, you won’t know if you’re making progress if you’re not tracking anything. I lost five pounds and 1% body fat as of today, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me and I feel about the same. If I wasn’t tracking these things, I wouldn’t know what I’m going is working. 

  3. These are points that most people skip over when they start focusing on getting in shape. This is a great overview of the basics that should not be overlooked. I also found your background interesting in that you equate financial and physical fitness together.

    Great info! You have a solid background for this.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for visiting. 

  4. Hey Wolf ,
    Great article compliment . it is such a informative post i really like the way you simplify things here . yes sure one must have a fitness goals setting your fitness goals is very important so , you want to establish a starting point by writing out everything that you’re going to track .

    1. That is correct, Mike. Tracking is everything. 

  5. Ok, I clearly don’t know that you need more than just a weighing scale in order to track someone’s fitness. Although I have a fairly good BMI, my constant problem is always the belly fat and I see that’s where the calipers comes in handy.

    What brand would you recommend if I am interested to buy one? Thanks.

    1. I wouldn’t. I’d recommend bio electrical impedance over calipers, but if you prefer calipers, select an electronic one with a digital readout. Those are much easier to use than traditional calipers.

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