Fitness Riddles – What Does Your Mind Have in Common with Your Butt?

Fitness RiddlesFitness Riddle

You get in the shower.

You wash up.

You rinse off.

The grime leaves with the water and so does the stress of the day.

You feel good.

You have a clean mind.

You have a set mind.

The fitness world is yours to conquer.

But what happens next?

Life, that’s what.

We live in a world that’s dirty by design, a world that manipulates your mind with ads and commercials to trigger your cravings for bad foods through your insecurities and need for fun.

Your clean body disappears with the activities of the day the same way your clean mind starts fading with the first exposure to negative input.

Your mind can’t stay clean past 24 hours…

…and that’s exactly why I recommend you wash your mind (and your ass) –

Every Day!

A shower is good for the body, but the mind takes a bit more deliberate planning.

Three ways I “cleanse” my mind for fitness is by associating with fitness-minded people; tracking goals, results, and scheduling workouts; and keep learning about all things fitness related.

You’d be surprised at how much easier it is to stay on track when you do those two things every day.

Time to get it in,

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  1. Love this!

    I totally agree with your point. I like to “wash my mind” in the fitness sense by watching health documentaries.

    I also think that there is more to be said about getting control of your mind and “mastering” your psychology. Tips like these work well but they are not infallible, and I wonder if these are more short term solutions. I think long term solutions include activities like meditation, and breathing exercises.

    It is good for people to be aware of their psychology when trying to get healthy, lose weight, or do anything in life really. And this is definitely a good start.

    Thanks for the entertainment too!

    1. Health documentaries are a great place to start. They’re becoming more common on Netflix and YouTube so finding them is never a challenge. It’s amazing how much easier it is to eat healthier when you know what they’re doing to our food supply. 

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