Fitness Fundamentals: Tri Associations

Fitness Fundamentals – Tri Associations

Workout PartnersThis is probably the hardest one to stick to. It could be something as simple as someone offering you an extra piece of meat or even a commercial that pops up on TV that makes you crave an unhealthy, but delicious, meal.

This section is called Tri Associations for a reason. Tri is spelled with an “I” instead of a “Y” because there are 3 types of associations you need to be aware of.


The Fitness World Can Be a Big Source of Pain if You Don’t Make This Your 1st Association

Associate with people and things that will mentor you before you so much as pick up a dumb bell. Years ago, that would mean getting a personal trainer and going to the gym, but with the explosion of the internet, you can get an education in fitness right from home.

Personal trainers are still useful, but workout videos and fitness blogs (like Wolf’s Workouts) are also examples of mentors and positive associations that will keep you in the right direction.


Peer Pressure can be a Good Thing if You Use it Like This

After you find a mentor, your next step is to seek power in numbers by choosing your peers wisely.

Just having a workout partner is an air tight way to increase your chances of success by 10.

Let me say that again.

When one person becomes 2, you don’t multiply your chances of success by 2, you multiply it by ten!

Even if you don’t have a workout partner, just having someone to hold you accountable is a big help. There are a lot of Facebook groups whose sole purpose is to give support and hold you accountable for your fitness goals.


The Real Reason Fitness Trainers Stay so Motivated. Their Livelihood is Only Part of the Answer.

When your job is to mentor people, regardless of the subject, you now have someone to set an example for. You have people who look up to you.

More importantly, the mentors have the benefit of repetition.

The more you tell other people to do it; the more likely you are to do it yourself.

If you come across someone who wants and deserves your knowledge, by all means, teach them what you know.

They may be your future workout partners some day, or maybe even your business partners. There’s a lot of money to made in the fitness industry if you’re willing to come get it.


The 3 levels of Tri Associations are:

  1. Choose a mentor
  2. Choose your peers
  3. Choose your apprentices



Be careful of who or what you choose to spend your time with because you’ll more than likely pick up some traits from them whether they’re good or bad.

The scary thing is most of the time you don’t realize you’re taking a turn for the worse until…

well, let me tell you a little story.


Be Careful This Doesn’t Happen to You

There was a woman who needed to relax. She goes to the beach in her new bathing suit, stretches out on the lake’s surface just a few meters of shore, and starts floating on her back.

It feels good. The cool water is a perfect complement to the hot sun beaming down on her body.

She lay in that same spot for hours soaking up the sun, all her worries gone, just living in that moment.

After what feels like an hour or so, she starts to feel hunger pangs. It’s time to eat.

She opens her eyes and gasps in horror.

She kicks herself out of the floating position and begins to tread water. She surveys her surroundings in every direction.

The coast line is nowhere to be seen!

While she was lying there with her eyes closed, the gentle current has pulled her so far away from shore, she can’t see it anymore. She’s surrounded by water on all sides.

She has no sense of direction, no map, and no idea how to find her way back to land.

The people we associate with rarely ever push us off course. They nudge us there the same way the gentle current nudged the woman so far off land that she’ll surely drown.

If you’re not careful, you can find yourself in her situation: no map, no sense of direction, and no idea how to get your healthy habits back.


Your Homework Assignment:

Step 1. Choose a fitness mentor: you’re on a fitness blog right now so it’s clear that you’ve already chosen one. Be sure to come back at least once a week for more tips.

Step 2. Choose your fitness peers: this is the more difficult of the three. I’m sure you already have friends and some of them might not be living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll need to decide if those associations are making it difficult on your fitness goals and act accordingly.

At a minimum, look for a workout partner so you’ll have someone to hold you accountable if your other freinds cause you to stray.

Step 3. Choose your fitness apprentice: this one can wait if you don’t feel you’re ready.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in great shape to have an apprentice though. Part of my motivation to get in shape came after I started this website because I knew people were watching my progress.

For me, running a fitness website took care of steps 2 and 3 at the same time.

Shout it out in the Comments below once you’ve completed all 3 steps.

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  1. This is really cool. My wife has been trying to lose weight for the longest. The thing is that she will start off strong, but eventually lose motivation for it and just quit. She tried setting goals, but still doesn’t work. I know she never looked at fitness from this perspective though. I’m definitely going to send her this link. Great article, very useful.

    1. Thanks Garrett. You should also try searching for my article called “Finding motivation to lose weight.” From what you’re telling me, it sounds like she could benefit from that as well.

  2. Great post! I never thought about the apprentice part of it. I knew about the first, since most people do need a mentor. And the peers do help keep you motivated. But an apprentice is an awesome idea. I am about to become a certified personal trainer part time, do you think it is even worth the trouble? I mean I like helping people reach fitness goals, I have always liked to stay in shape, and do a ton of research on fitness related topics. But would getting my certificate be a waste of time? I dont know. I am just looking for advice.

    1. Hi. Before becoming a personal trainer it’s best to ask yourself how you feel about becoming a salesman because that’s really what a personal trainer is. Your knowledge is what keeps clients after you’ve gotten them, but if you can’t sell, you’ll never have clients. Trust me on that. If you can sell or are willing to learn how to sell, yes, it’s worth getting into.

      Also, it is not a legal requirement to be certified to work as a personal trainer in most gyms, but you would need to research them individual gyms to find out which ones. If people are willing to pay you and you can get them the results they’re looking for, you don’t have to have certification. It does help with credibility, but then again, your clients’ results do too.

  3. I am hoping to get back to a decent level of physical fitness and have recently just started a website based on it.

    One thing that you just mentioned that stuck with me is to be careful who I am around as they can get me off track. My situation in particular is that its not easy for me to eat correctly because of family and friends who like to eat out a lot or not eat healthy at all.

    Do I just need to be disciplined in what I do since I can’t cut them out?


    1. You could be disciplined or another thing you can do is have multiple meal plans so each situation in your life is covered. I currently have 4. One for days that I work and go home. One for days when I’m off and stay home. One for days when I work and see the kids. And the last for days when I’m off and see friends.

      When I’m off and stay home, for example, I have access to the oven all day so it’s easy to eat balanced, healthy meals. On the other hand, when I’m off and hang out with friends, I know we’re going to probably have a few drinks and eat out. To compensate for the extra calories, I eat a little lighter earlier in the day and bring some fiber with me to sprinkle on the restaurant food.

      I also make sure to limit the drinking to 1 or 2 and order veges in place of fries if I’m in a place that has them. Hope this helps.

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