Fitness Fundamentals: Daily Pen Pal

Fitness Fundamentals: Daily Pen Pal

Learn Fitness TrainingDaily Pen Pal does not mean you have to write some guy who lives way off in a foreign country on a daily basis.

Daily Pen Pal means you need to get ready for some serious tracking. You’ll be planning and tracking your goals, meal plans, and exercise routines daily, weekly, and monthly.

Not having a plan (and planner) is, by far, the reason so many people think they don’t have time to work out, skip workouts, cheat on their meal plans, and never progress.

How to Plan Time for Exercise No Matter How Busy Your Schedule

I have a friend who used to tell me her day was too booked up with her kids, appointments, and work to have time for exercise.

Yes, it was true that she was very busy, but I cannot remember a time when I saw her that she didn’t spend at least an hour sitting in front of the TV.

So, really, she did have time to work out. She just chose to use it watching TV.

In her defense, I’m sure she didn’t realize how much free time she really had.

She used a planner for keeping up with her kids’ activities and doctors’ appointments, but nothing else.

If she would have used it the way I’m going to show you, she would have realized she had a lot more time than she thought.

You have time. You’d be surprised how much time gets wasted doing nothing.

Get a planner, preferably one that has 15 minute increments in it, and do this:

Start by filling in everything that you absolutely have to do. That would be things like work and school.

Write those things down first and be sure to include travel and prep time.

So if you work from 9am-5pm and it takes you an hour to get ready for work and travel to work in the morning and then another 30 minutes to travel back home in the evening, you would write it in your planner as 8am-5:30pm, not 9am-5pm.

Once you’ve done all that, there should be a lot of blank spaces left over. Now fill in everything else that takes up time.

For example, I personally stopped watching TV a few years ago because I like how my productivity level went through the roof after I did, but before I made that choice, I used to love watching True Bllod and The Walking Dead.

So if I wanted to watch True Blood at 9 o’clock on Thursday, or whenever it comes on, I’d mark that time off on my planner for True Blood.

Do that with everything in your life that involves any kind of time commitment. It can be taking 30 minutes for dinner, 15 minutes to walk the dog, an hour for a nap, whatever takes up time. That way everything is accounted for.

Now take a look at your planner. You’ll notice some blank spaces.

Those blank spaces are what you call, FREE TIME!

Free time is when you work out.

It’s that simple.


If You’re Setting Fitness Goals without Using These 5 Elements, You’re Probably Going to Fail

The next part of Daily Pen Pal is to set SMART goals. Remember, a goal is not a goal until it’s written down.Until then it’s just a dream.

Track your goals. Evaluate them daily. Reevaluate them weekly and monthly to make sure you’re always on track.

Make adjustments when you need to.



    • Get a daily planner, preferably one with 15 – 30 minute increments. I use the Calendar app on my phone combined with the Task List app.
    • Fill it in the way I described above.
    • Find some free time for workouts and get it in!

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  1. Amen!! I personally write down my schedule on Google calendar and carve out an hour a day for working out. Though I don’t have kids my schedule gets packed pretty quick and even have alerts pop up as reminders. This is a must for every one. I agree with writing down goals and better yet writing an action plan for those goals and re-evaluate weekly.

    1. Smart woman. Action plans are very important as well, especially for people who have trouble taking initiative. Thanks the feedback.

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