Fitness Fundamentals: Bread for the Head

The Fitness 4 Fundamentals – Bread for the Head

“Pity the man who has a favorite restaurant, but not a favorite author. He’s picked out a favorite place to feed his body, but he doesn’t have a favorite place to feed his mind!” — Jim Rohn

learn-fitness-trainingI had just started out on a new business venture with an old associate of mine back in 2011. There were several things we needed to do daily to help speed up the learning curve and get us into a profit within the first month.

One of those things was to have a dedication to learning and self improvement.

My mentor was at my house helping me with something when he saw a CD on my living room table.

His eyes got really big as he snatched the CD up and shoved it towards me saying, “Make sure you listen to this!”

I took it and looked it over. There was a picture of a middle aged man, thin with grey, almost white hair, on the cover.

I didn’t understand what could be so special about this CD. I wanted to make money, not listen to some guy I’d never heard of talk. I didn’t understand how listening to this man talk could possibly help with anything.

I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

The man’s name was Jim Rohn and his philosophies on life have been the most influential force in turning my outlook on life in a different direction.

I later found out Jim Rohn had passed away two years earlier, but he’d left countless videos and audios of his teachings and continued to touch thousands of lives after his death through media.

A phrase Jim Rohn coined that still sticks out in my mind was, Bread for the Head.

Just as the body gets stronger with proper nourishment, so does the mind. And what goes on in your mind has a big influence on what you put in your body or whether or not you even choose to exercise in the first place.

Have you noticed that nearly everyone who is successful with anything spends at least a minimal amount of time learning new things about that subject or getting input about it?

How successful would Michael Jordan have been without being a student of the game and all things related?

It could be something as simple as subscribing to a health and wellness blog, learning new exercises on You Tube, reading success stories from a fitness magazine, or learning healthy recipes from a cook book.

You’ll soon find that the more you feed your mind, the easier it becomes to focus on your fitness goals.

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  1. I agree that we should never stop learning. By knowing what foods are good for our bodies, the benefits of exercise and other knowledge we become more able to control ourselves. Knowing what is bad and good for us can affect our decisions before doing it.
    I’m interested to hear videos and audio from Jim Rohn, maybe this could be a great new thing for me to learn.

    1. Yes, learning is very important. The wisest person is the person who understands that they do not know everything. LOL.

      And definitely look into Jim Rohn. I was wish I would’ve known of him before he passed away, but he blessed us all by recording everything so we can still continue to learn from him.

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